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frank morrell

I have a wonderful life. I press play on my mp3 player, pick the cue sheet up. I then tell the dancers where to go and how to get there. They come up to me smiling, pay me and tell me how much they enjoyed dancing to me.

When you get paid for telling people where to go and how to get there, that is a great life!

I really enjoy it.

My Monday Night Round Dance Club  is back up and running again every monday night. Going to feel good to be back.


Frank Morrell

A  very special thank you !

I want to thank everybody for supporting the benefit dances for the Wichita Downtown Senior Center.

My mother was in a nursing home for a number of years.

My mother was beautician most of her life. That meant she was really used to interacting with and being around people all the time. When dad died, she was basically alone.

I dropped in and saw her before I went to work every morning. I dropped in and saw her after I got off work. I ate dinner with her. I dropped in and saw her before I went to bed.

That sounds like I was with mom a lot. The reality was, most of the day all she had was a TV, the telephone and four walls.

After dad died, each month I took an envelope and put the month and year on it. The first three months after dad died the envelopes for each month were stuffed with trips to the hospital and medical bills.

Mom was ready to go to a nursing home, to where she would be around people all the time.

Being around and interacting with people all day long, was what she was used to.

After mom went into a nursing home, the next three months I had two empty envelopes, and an envelope with one bill and it. I believed that the one bill was because mom wanted to make sure that if she had a problem they would put her in the hospital, and they did.

That is why I really appreciate all the wonderful things the Wichita Downtown Senior Center does.

Most people do not like working out on a treadmill. My feeling is, if I want to do something a lot more exciting than working out on a treadmill, I will watch paint dry.

With the programs down at the Wichita Downtown Senior Center, you have a real social interaction with other people. At my Monday night round dance group, a lot of times, the dancers are slow to get up because they are so busy talking to one another.

Round dancing is not only wonderful exercise, but there is as much, or more, social interaction than there is dancing.

With round dancing and all the other programs the Wichita Downtown Senior Center has to help keep people active, there is a very real social aspect.

People patronize the programs because they meet friends they have made over the years there, catch up on the latest news, I don’t want to call it gossip, and have a wonderful time.

They have a meaningful experience. It keeps them “young at heart” and active.

But most important, the programs give them a high quality life and keep them out of a nursing home.

When my mother was in a nursing home, I always felt that a nursing home was the end of the line.

That was not a good feeling.

The programs at the Wichita Downtown Senior Center, do a lot to keep people independent and have a good quality life. People really look forward to participating in the programs because they know they’re going to have a quality experience and a wonderful time meeting and talking with the other people.

One thing that really gets overlooked that a person with a quality life still living at home, is a person who is not in a nursing home. A lot of the people who use the Wichita Downtown Senior Center programs would be in a nursing home if it wasn’t for its programs.

The State, County and City do not realize what a tremendous savings they realize because people are still living at home, and are not in a
nursing home.

Every person still living in their home instead of a nursing home saves us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year.

I want to thank everybody again for supporting the benefit dances for the Wichita Downtown Senior Center.

The senior center not only does a lot of wonderful things that really benefit people in an extremely low efficient cost, it gives a lot of people independence, a quality of life, it saves us as taxpayers, a lot of money.

The Wichita Downtown Senior Center does a lot of wonderful things. It has a lot of great programs that genuinely help people.

I want to personally thank everybody very very very much for supporting the benefit dances for the Wichita Downtown Senior Center.

Thank you very very very much!

Frank Morrell


For the Wichita Senior Center Web Site, Please go to:


Have you ever wondered what services are available to Seniors in our community?  Well – this is what you can expect with Senior Services, Inc., of Wichita.  We are Meals on Wheels and MORE!!! Senior Services, Inc., has been in the community for 46 years and we are dedicated to delivering services that allow older adults the opportunity to lead quality lives while continuing to make positive contributions to the community.


The programs are as follows:


Information and Community Outreach Coordination:  Matches callers with over 600 senior-related programs and services in the Wichita community and nationally.


In-Home Respite Care:  Provides a trained worker to give rest and relief to 24-hour caregivers of someone 60 years of age or older.


Meals on Wheel s:  Brings a hot nutritious meal to the door of nearly 900 homebound people each day.  For most of these people this is the only meal they eat each day, and for many, the only personal contact they receive on a daily basis.


Roving Pantry:  Delivers groceries to homebound seniors, allowing the person the ability to prepare their own meals.  The program allows seniors access to fresh foods when they are not able to go to the store for themselves.


Senior Centers:  Provides educational, social, recreational, cultural and physical fitness activities for people who are 55 and older.  There are 4 centers: Downtown, Linwood, Northeast and Orchard Park.


Senior Employment Program:  Offers training in job searching skills, resume writing and employment referrals to people 55 and older.  The offer business and industry jobs and in-home assistance for older workers looking for employment.


Mentor Program:  This is an inter-generational program that works with young women and men who are needing mentorship while raising children. We provide the connection of senior who then will share insight and wisdom into the challenges of raising children.


Loaned Medical Equipment Program:  Provides donated medical equipment to seniors and their families, such as walkers, canes, and wheelchairs to families unable to pay for such equipment.


So, if you or a family member or friend  need more information about our programs and services don’t hesitate to call 267-0302 and we can visit with you.


Also, many of you participated in several Round Dance Fundraisers this spring and we want to especially THANK YOU for participation and support of our programs

For the Wichita Senior Center Web Site, Please go to:



I am licensed through Roundalab (The International Association of Round Dance Teachers).

There are many available resources on their web site.

Videos demonstrating the movements for each phase of round dancing.

Definition Manuals for each phase of round dancing.

Many other resources.



Thank You.

Here is a Phase 4 Rumba I wrote several years ago.

Thank You

Frank Morrell

 Frank Morrell’s Round Dances

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